Single Strand colour 4mm Pack of 10 KG


Total weight of spool  or hank is appx. 10 kg.  You can choose maximum 10 different colors, One color minimum 1 kg.

Colors are subject to availability .

This cord is approximately 4 mm thick and soft. This cord is perfect for all of your craft projects, weaving, macrame, crocheting, knitting. This soft and supple cord makes knotting super easy.

Color options:
  1. Off white natural
  2. Pure white
  3. Beige
  4. Coffee Brown
  5. Dark Chocolate
  6. Mud
  7. Royal Blue
  8. Turquoise Blue
  9. Navy Blue
  10. Mint Blue
  11. Purple
  12. Lavender
  13. Turmeric Yellow
  14. Mustard Yellow
  15. Red
  16. Wine Red/Maroon
  17. Orange
  18. Rust
  19. Peach
  20. Baby Pink
  21. Magenta
  22. Leaf Green
  23. Mint Green
  24. Sea Green
  25. Military Green
  26. Light Grey
  27. Dark Grey
  28. Black

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Note: Few cords will be in hanks and few in spools. Weight of cone in spools included.

Important note: Since these are bulk prices, small complaints regarding untangling, few lumps , slight color and thickness variation will not be entertained. No exchange/return.


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